Influence of Indian Music Therapy for Mental and Physical Wellness – International Yoga Day 2020

The talk focuses on how our internal Nada and breathing are important aspects of balanced and harmonious living and wellness. It emphasises on how to be able to connect to that internal Nada, we need to listen to suitable music and practice silence. This is for today’s professions, youngsters and students. Also discusses how Indian Music Therapy is employed to the children having special needs and elderly along with demonstration

CEO, Lean+6σ and I

My new CEO joined me just a fortnight ago. Since then she is on the move and had been meeting the heads, various functions and their members. At the same time, she is trying to acclimatize with the new environment. She is very energetic. Today sitting in her cabin during afternoon she told me ‘You know you are so very sick’. I asked – ‘Why’? She said – ‘You have

Science of Simplicity: Avoid Decision Fatigue

Meet Subhash, a gentleman who lives in the Aurobindo Ashram, Ramgarh, Uttarakhand, India. A very humble, hardworking person & a man of the hills, yes literally. Subhash guides everyone who visits the Ashram at Ramgarh to trek the hills. He was our guide too for a trek during one of our workshops there at the Ashram. An interesting thing I noticed about him was, every day he would wear mismatched

Cheers To Life

Life always does not give one a choice to be with the loved ones around; while some choose a life to be away and live independent. The multi-modal music therapy project ‘Cheers to Life’ is designed and delivered to the citizens of Senior Citizen Homes who live away from home. The purpose is to address their holistic health and individualized requirements. The result is abundance of Happiness, Love, Laughter, Recuperation

Can Music Therapy Boost Sports Performance?

Music Therapy is increasingly becoming a popular therapeutic measure in diverse areas even outside of Diseases or Disorders. Here, discussing a few tips of whether right employment of music therapy can boost overall performance of Sports Persons. [A talk for #Sportsnarad]

Executive Coaching Process

Leadership Executive Coaching is a creative, intuitive and scientific process. The coaching process helps ignite the resourcefulness of professionals and executives. In turn helps them re-tune and re-connect to themselves. Although, the executive coaching process is complex and layered, here we provide a simplistic and linear flow of a powerful procedure.

Hiring a Coach/ Mentor/ Consultant/ Practitioner

When you need guidance, Who would you really need to hire – a coach, a mentor, a consultant or a practitioner? Find out the subtleties in differences and similarities. Be wise with your expectations when you decide to take the help of any of the experts.

What is Coaching, Who is a Good Coach?

Coaching is here to stay and more so post Covid – 19. Professionals and others have started introspecting already. However, there is definitely a need to get some direction from someone who can help ignite the resourcefulness, with whom they can speak to be out of the directionless situation. Here is a short clip that explains what coaching is, how coaching works and what coaching is not.

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