Music Therapy with Indian Music (Essentials & Sources) – Volume 1: Virtual Book Reading @IGNCA

The virtual book discussion of the book “Music Therapy with Indian Music (Essentials & Sources) – Volume 1” authored by Ruma Chakravarty was organized by IGNCA, New Delhi. The discussion was moderated by Respected Dr. Ramesh Gaur and was chaired by Hon. IGNCA Member Secretary Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi. The esteemed speakers included Dr. Anjali Capila, Mr. Sridhar K. Chari, Dr. Meenakshi Ravi, Prof. (Dr.) Chaitanya P. Agarwal and Dr. Gayathri

Influence of Indian Music Therapy for Mental and Physical Wellness – International Yoga Day 2020

The talk focuses on how our internal Nada and breathing are important aspects of balanced and harmonious living and wellness. It emphasises on how to be able to connect to that internal Nada, we need to listen to suitable music and practice silence. This is for today’s professions, youngsters and students. Also discusses how Indian Music Therapy is employed to the children having special needs and elderly along with demonstration

Can Music Therapy Boost Sports Performance?

Music Therapy is increasingly becoming a popular therapeutic measure in diverse areas even outside of Diseases or Disorders. Here, discussing a few tips of whether right employment of music therapy can boost overall performance of Sports Persons. [A talk for #Sportsnarad]

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